We’re all thinking it, aren’t we? If you had the ways and means to build your own rally car, the Toyota Mirai – a 1,850kg, 152bhp hydrogen fuel cell saloon that makes the Ssangyong Rodius look like a masterpiece – might not be the first place you’d begin.

Not least because the Mirai costs 7.24 million yen (£39,000) in Japan before you even sniff a bucket seat, and can only be fueled at 27 stations across the country.

So, when Top Gear asks Mitsuhiro Kunisawa, a top Japanese auto journalist and the man who devised this project, why on earth he decided to sink his hard-earned yen into it, we maybe expected a slightly less philosophical answer.

“Why do you climb mountain?” he shot back at me, with one eyebrow raised. Right.